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Coastal Mood Summer Release
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Merchandise Branding for Coastal Mood




Mood Merch was created for Coastal Mood as a secondary revenue stream and product line to improve brand recognition. Primarily, Coastal Mood artist Million, creates custom, one-of-a-kind, hand painted apparel that's commissioned and sold through Instagram. The conception and production of each piece is similar to that of tattooing. The nature of the custom pieces makes them very personal and desirable; however, it means that the production of each piece takes a lot of care and time. Mood Merch provides added accessibility to the brand for fans of Coastal Mood while increasing the brands exposure. 


Coastal Mood is a young business so it was important that we start to define and establish a brand identity that parallels the product. I was tasked with developing graphic designs that would visually communicate the brand identity. The graphics were used to silkscreen onto apparel, create stickers, embroider patches and establish a word-mark. 

After the Mood Merch summer release, many Coastal Mood followers posted photos of their Mood Merch on Instagram and further promoted the brand. As a result, Coastal Mood was able to pre-sell a large portion of their second release of Mood Merch. 

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