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Hello, my name is Ashleigh. 

I’m an extroverted, analytical thinker with a penchant for aesthetics and design. 

After finishing university with a degree in communication, a major in information design and a minor in marketing, I began my career as a graphic designer on a marketing team. With time and experience, I was able to move on to become a marketing and sales specialist. Currently, I’m in pursuit of the next course of my career. 

I enjoy what I do because it has permitted me the opportunity to work on a wide breadth of projects in branding, in-house marketing, proposal writing, project management and graphic design. 

I’m motivated by working with ambitious professionals and on projects where I can use my combined skill set. I’m driven to merge marketing strategy and design thinking to problem solving to produce innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, from logo and website design to advertising campaigns.


In my spare time, I enjoy doing freelance work for small businesses and local artists on projects such as merchandise graphics, logo design or album artwork. 

If you would like to know more details about my specific skill set or you are interested in joining forces, please contact me.




Information Design 

Design Thinking 




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