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Kim Flanagan - Fashion Expert & Stylist

APRIL 2016



I designed this booklet as part of a re-branding package while working on a communications consulting team. The team collaborated with fashion expert and stylist Kim Flanagan to re-brand her business. The project involved, a thorough analysis of Kim’s current brand and her current market potential to develop a pilot project, test the pilot and provide the client with a final deliverable package and presentation.


Building a strong online presence was important for the Kim Flanagan brand. Our team developed a YouTube channel that entailed a well-branded home page and channel trailer for Flanagan. Following the YouTube channel pilot a focus group and questionnaire was coordinated to measure the success of the channel and provide direction for future content. In addition to, analyzing research, directing while filming, video editing, and facilitating user testing, I created a book that encompassed the entire process of the project and provides Kim Flanagan with a tangible reference guide as she moves forward with the YouTube channel

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