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Addiction Recovery App 

Thrive is a conceptual app that I designed as part of a student project to help aid the process of addiction recovery.  The app is intended as an additional resource for recovering addicts to be used along side professional treatment and not as a primary means of coping with addiction. Thrive tracks the sobriety of it’s users and allows them to collect points as they reach key milestones in their sobriety such as attending meetings or engaging in positive life habits like exercising or saving money. As a reward, points can be used at affiliated businesses to redeem discounts on products. Thrive starts the day off with a motivational quote sent to your phone along with information about your daily sobriety achievements. Submit your own motivational quote as a way to gain additional points and inspire others.


Users can set up a profile on Thrive that will allow them to chat and connect with other Thrive users in their area enabeling them to surround themselves with positive influences and have an accessible and easy way to reach out if needed. 

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